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Wood Industry

Carpentry saw

Freud, Milwaukee, Dimmar available in those types:

  • Combination Saw Blades
  • Cut-Off Saw Blades (Alternate Top Bevel)
  • Dado Sets
  • Fine Cutting Blades (Triple Chip)
  • Melamine Saw Blades (6 Degrees Negative Hook)
  • Non-Ferrous Saw Blades (For Aluminum, Copper, & Brass)
  • Rip Saw Blades
  • Woodpecker Thin Kerf Saw Blades

Chain saw blade

Custom made chain saw blade available here with all lenghs

New and used chain saw available too

Call for enquiry

Planer Blade

Available for all type of machine. Please provide your brand, model and length, wide and thinness for proper quote.

Route Bit & Chisels

Available all sizes. Call for enquiry.

Sawmill Industry

Band Saw Mill

Band saw blades all sizes availabe. Please provide the following information: length, wide, tooth space and what it cuts.

Useful tips on 'Keeping Track of your Blades' and 'Find Your Optimum Cutting Rate'.

Circular Saw Mill

Tooth Identification Chart
Shank Identification Chart
Ordering an Inserted Tooth Saw
Ordering Carbide Saw Blades
Ordering Grinding Wheels
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